Stringent Quality Checks on Saffron

A plan to ensure “safe saffron from farm to table” has been launched by the Food and Drug Administration following the closure of some restaurants that were using spurious saffron in their dishes.

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Iran’s shopping spree

A man walks into a shop, dreary from the hailstorm outside. His face is weatherbeaten, clothes rugged, and he smells of crude oil.

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Poland Investment in Khorasan Razavi

Director General of the Economic Affairs Coordination Department at Razavi Khorassan Governor General’s office Ali Rasulian said on Monday that Poland is highly interested in joint investment with Razavi Khorassan Province of Iran in the field of medical equipment and medicine, industries and mines and agriculture.

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A New Chapter for Saffron

ISFAHAN, Iran — Saffron, an ancient medicinal plant and the most expensive of spices, has always had a magical, addictive power. Cleopatra took saffron-infused baths to enhance her allure.

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