Khorasan Razavi Carpet Exports

About $840,000 worth of hand-woven Iranian carpets have been exported from Khorasan Razavi Province since the start of current Iranian year (March 21, 2015),

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President Rouhani in Mashhad

Accompanied by a number of cabinet members in the visit on the occasion of Fajr Decade to mark the victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran,

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Saffron – Why Iran’s ‘Red Gold’ Is So Prized

International sanctions against Iran were lifted this week, but there are still many restrictions on trade between Iran and the United States. A number of Iranian products will be allowed in though, including caviar, carpets and saffron.

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Apple’s Future in Mashhad

For Apple, Iran’s 78 million people offer a particularly attractive new market, as 42% of its people are under age 30. Mashhad have almost 4 million people.

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