About us


Khorasan Business Times is the first English-language online newspaper in Khorasan province in Iran, was launched in July 2015. A defining feature of this journal is that it is planned at a time when the private enterprise within and outside Iran prepares to resume a working relationship based on mutual trust after years of acrimony.

Khorasan Business Times is brought out by the private sector.

Though we cover a wide gamut of economic, political, social and cultural issues, our time and energy is focused on the economic vision. After all, we strongly believe in the covenant that only functioning economies can, and will, make a difference in today’s increasingly complex and competitive world.

Our small team of dedicated staff has set out to bring unvarnished views and analyses about Iran’s economic performance and its plan of action to readers across continents.

Similarly we seek to also convey to intellectuals, policy and decision makers, stakeholders, bankers, and industrial/business leaders in Tehran an overview of international geopolitical, economic and business events to assist them make informed choices.

Verily, the views of our readers will remain a fundamental pillar of our working strategy and standards as we move ahead in this new millennium with all its opportunities and challenges.

Khorasan Business Times launched at 14 July 2015; the day that Iran reaches a great deal with world powers after long negotiations.