Startup Meeting in Mashhad

May 21, a startup meeting was held in “Khorasan Science & Technology Park (KSTP)” office in Mashhad.

More than 20 participants gather in a charm meeting for talking about situation and problems of current startups & entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mashhad.

Participants were executives of active IT companies, startup founders, programmers and IT journalists in Mashhad.

In the beginning, Mahdi Alipour Sakhavi (known as Dr Startup) has a present of his last journey to USA.

He describe his travel results to Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and Silicon Hill – three major sectors in US startup sphere.

KSTP has planned to continue these meetings regularly and in 2-weeks periods.

KSTP (Khorasan Science & Technology Park) is affiliated with the Ministry of Science and it is supported by ministry in order to continue its work along other science and technology parks in IRAN. KSTP started its work by encouraging innovators to nurture fresh ideas and turn them into practices. KSTP cooperates closely with research and science institutes in order to attract young and fruitful ideas and stay up-to-date.

Image gallery of meeting:

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