“National Political Islam and Middle East” Conference to held at Mashhad, Iran

The National Political Islam and the Middle East Conference will be held at Mashhad Ferdowsi University in the Month of Ordibehesht (April/May).
The secretary of the conference Hossein Athari told reporters that the Middle East is a specific region in the world and is the center of universal crisis.
“Oil is produced as the major demand of the industrial society and a major part of the world gas is supplied in the Middle East region” he said, adding that there are a series of ruling systems that are exceptional, for example monarchical rules have been diminished in the world but still exist in this region.
Athari, who is a university professor, further remarked that the extensive poverty despite huge income along with Islamic fundamentalism is a serious risk for the Middle East region.
He said the emergence of groups such as the Taliban, Daesh, Al-Qaida and religious fundamentalist groups in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan show that the Middle East region is prone to more extensive crises.
Furthermore, he added, an imposed ruling system called Israel in the region and its inconsistency with the political and economic characteristics of the Middle East have caused to be witness to a very great challenge in this region.
Athari noted that if the Islamic Revolution had not occurred the political Islam in its current sense would not have been raised and political groups would not have become hopeful to form the ruling system.
However, he added, there is a subtle different between political Islam and fundamentalism and therefore one of the targets of the conference is elucidation of this point.

Source: The en.abna24.com

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