Call for speedy operation of Nakhchivan-Mashhad railway

Officials of Iranian and Azerbaijan railway organizations in a meeting called for the operation of international Nakhchivan-Mashhad railway.

In this meeting the two sides by signing the minutes of talks confirmed agreements reached with regard to the expansion of cooperation in the field of railway transportation.
In the signed minute of the talks, cooperation in the field of operation of Nakhchivan-Mashahd, leasing and joint use of cargo wagons of the Azerbaijan Republic by the two countries, and accelerating implementation of Rasht-Astara railway project were also emphasized.
Meanwhile, head of Azerbaijan Railways Javid Gurbanov said his country is determined to implement the project for the operation of north-south transportation corridor with railway connection of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Also speaking in the meeting, Abbas Haji Fathaliha a member of board of directors of Iran’s Railway Company stressed on the good neighborly relations and presence of historical, cultural and religious commonalities between the two countries and announced Iran’s readiness for expansion of cooperation with Baku.
He said north-south railway corridor in addition to economic dimensions also enjoys security and environmental importance and establishment of Rasht-Astara railway is among Iran’s priorities in the development of rail sector in the country.

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