Success of Samen Pharmaceutics Company in the Country’s Biggest Economic Competition

Samen Pharmaceutics Company was recognized as the selected company and appreciated in the seventh round of National Productivity Celebration that is regarded the biggest economic competition in the country.
National Productivity Celebration is held every year aimed at spread of the culture of efficiency management and propagation of using the optimality approach as well as using the successful experiences of others.
Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture, the festival assesses every year the rate of compatibility of economic institutions in different fields through holding five contests titled as National Productivity Celebration, National Optimality Contest, National Successful Experiences Contest, the Top Workplace Contest, and the Top Operation Capability.
In this round of National Productivity Celebration, from a total of 38 under-examination economic groups, 360 economic institutions took part as nominated companies from among which 62 institutions were selected as the tops; the selected institutions were awarded appreciation tablet of the 7th round of the festival in a ceremony attended by the head officials of industrial, trade, and economic institutions, banks, insurance, financial and credit institutions, and authorities of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines, and Agriculture.
Samen Pharmaceutics Company was one of the selected companies in this round that was appreciated as the winner of the top six-year-long operator in the efficiency, marginal percentage in net profit, and per capita sale.
Samen Pharmaceutics Company currently produces sixty kinds of medicines for dialysis medicinal groups, sterile solution for washing, and injection sterile solution, a large portion of which is exclusive and interestingly, it supplies more than 160,000 medicinal items per day.
It is notable that Samen Pharmaceutics Company is the exclusive holder of peritoneal dialysis technology in the country besides holding the badge of the top exporter, tablet of the top entrepreneur of Khorasan Razavi awarded by Ministry of Cooperatives Labor and social welfare, title of the first producer of injection solutions in propylene plates, title of the top entrepreneur for successive years, and the badge of the super industrial unit for successive years.

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