Police, Islamic Propagation Coordination Council Must Be Held Primarily Responsible

Sheikh al-Nimr, the revolutionary and free-spirited cleric of not only the Shia world but the whole Muslim world, was martyred most innocently by a state that has no respect for the principles of human rights. The world always claiming support for human rights is now silent and due to the events that have taken place in the Saudi Embassy, we have today preoccupied ourselves with secondary, irrelevant and detrimental issues. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention to several key points:

It should not be forgotten that the main issue is the innocent martyrdom of Sheikh al-Nimr. We should be careful so that the secondary and irrelevant issue of entry into the Saudi Embassy does not put this main issue in the shade. However, this is unfortunately the case at present.

The experience of what took place in the British Embassy and the clear warning that the Leader of the Revolution publicly issued (he gave his warning a few months later most probably in order not to eclipse the main issues), does not allow for the slightest justification for what has occurred. In particular, we should note that Britain, due to its colonial history and structural hostility, has always been a hostile country for us, while Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country which has been unfortunately ruled by some inexperienced young princes for a while now. Nevertheless, the current rulers will not always remain in power.

In elucidating the secondary issue of entry into the (Saudi) Embassy also, as in the case of the British Embassy, a grave mistake has been made and the main criticism has been directed at the people that had entered the Embassy. In the light of the aforementioned warning issued by the Leader about the British Embassy, I do not justify in any way the action taken place and I emphasize that our expectations of our zealous and revolutionary youth is to follow the frameworks already determined by the Supreme Leader; but the fact is that the main organizations responsible for this event, who must be primarily and publicly condemned, are firstly the Police Force and secondly the Islamic Propagation Coordination Council. The main question is: which institution or organization is responsible to ensure that the embassy of a certain country is not assaulted? In the recent case, the revolutionary fury of merely several youth led to such an incident, but what if a group of infiltrators had planned to fish in the troubled waters and to take the opportunity to carry out similar actions, which institution other than the Police Force would have been responsible for its prevention? If the Police Force had carried out its tasks properly and had not allow for entry into theEmbassy, even if the youth could not have controlled the people’s anger, what would have been the outcome other than some people having had tried to enter an Embassy to assault it and the Police Force not having had allowed it to take place? That being the case, we would now be in an ideal state, on the one hand, the revolutionary anger of the youth would have been displayed and, and on the other, no one’s hostility were thereby incited? It seems that the first person who must be held primarily responsible for the shortcomings in carrying out his duties is the respectable Commander of Iran’s Police Force Brigadier General Ashtari. If in the case of the British Embassy the main organization responsible had been introduced as the Police Force by the media, today we would not have witnessed similar mistakes by the same organization as in the recent incident, and if the same is not done today after all, similar events are always likely to take place in the future (either unwanted or even planned by the enemy).

The second organization responsible in this regard is the Islamic Propagation Coordination Council, which in such cases, due to its flawed administrative structure, unfortunately always takes due measures so late. Upon hearing the news of martyrdom of Ayatollah al-Nimr, owing to its legal obligation, the institution should have announced a time and a place for rallies to be held so as to express the protest and anger of many Iranian revolutionary people or at least the people in Tehran and Mashhad. If instead of a voluntary and spontaneous group planning rallies, this institution had carried out its tasks properly and on time, today we would have shown to the world the protest and fury of not only tens or hundreds of people but rather that of hundreds of thousands of the Muslim people of Tehran or a few million Muslims of Iran, and definitely, we would not have allowed for the secondary issue of entry into the Saudi Embassy to overshadow the main issue of martyrdom of Ayatollah al-Nimr due to the mistake caused by the anger or feelings of only a few people.

And lastly, I reemphasize the first point I mentioned above: we should not allow for the mistake taken place to put the main issue of the innocent martyrdom of Ayatollah al-Nimr in the shade.

Source: The Khorasan News

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