Raise media standards higher in UAE

The National Media Council in UAE is to develop a comprehensive strategy to improve the industry.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State and chairman of the board of directors of the NMC, said it would continue to modernise, but that the UAE already ranked highly on global competitiveness indices.

He said the Government prioritised the media because it believed it had great importance and responsibility.

“The strategy will enhance the sector’s stature and pivotal role in getting the message of the UAE across to the people of the world,” he said.

The Cabinet approved a resolution to appoint Ibrahim Al Abed as adviser to the board of directors and to oversee the Emirates News Agency (Wam). Mansour Al Mansouri was named the NMC’s acting director general.

“The media sector is vulnerable to events and developments,” said Dr Al Jaber. “To succeed and achieve excellence we must double our efforts, embrace the approach of continuous coordination and development in order to enable the national media to keep pace with progress and development taking place in the UAE. All of us are proud of the UAE’s successes and achievements in various spheres and sectors.”

The NMC will draw up legislation to improve standards further.

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